Everyone, members and public included, are invited to peruse and share resources in regard to the neurobiology of learning and neurobiologically-relevant transformative learning in particular whether members of the society or not. In fact, it is our society's mission to charitably share these resources with everyone, worldwide, without charge.

Membership is one way of recognizing those individual who are keenly committed to our mission and, at the same time time, partially fund our activities and the sharing of these resources. 

NLS has several different membership categories and dues, renewable each calendar year. All dues are in $US. We also accept free-will donations in any amount (go to main page). All dues and donations are tax except under USA tax codes (see main page for details). 

Individual - individuals can help support and participate in the society at several different levels:

  • Professional (regular) Member - $25 per year (incl. membership access number; 1 vote in NLS society issues)
  • Student (non-voting) Member - $5 (incl. membership access number; no vote in NLS society issues - see definition of student below)
  • Sustaining Member - $100 per year (includes membership access number; 2 collective votes in NLS society issues)
  • Life Member - $500 (pay one time/no yearly dues; 2 votes in NLS society issues)

*Student means full-time participant in approved associate, baccalauriate, masters or doctoral degree program at the time of the meeting. Students must show an acitive and valid student identification card.

Company or Corporate - companies and corporations can help support and participate in the society at the company/corporate level and receive distinct benefits for all company/corporate employees:

  • Company/Corporate Member - $1000 per year [includes meetings to be held at the company/corporate address; a membership access number for all corporate employees; a free yearly ("current") and permanent ("past") advertisement and link; 2 collective votes total in NLS society issues]

Patron (Individual, Company or Corporate) - patrons are individuals, companies or corporations that help support the society and its mission at a foundational level. In return, NLS publicly acknowledges its patrons:

  • Patron Member - $5000 (pay one time/no yearly dues; includes membership access number for individual, or all company or corporate employees; a free permanent advertisement and link; 5 collective votes in NLS society issues)

To become a member is quick and simple; just fill out the form below.

Our email membership registraton system currently only accepts English characters.

Please do not make any payment until prompted by the society.

Receipt of your request will appear beneath the form after submission.

As a convenience, members are auto-prompted by email two months before the end of the calendar year to renew membership.

Request for Membership in NLS

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