Since 2012, the society has become increasingly international in terms of membership, and, to better accommodate our new membership profile, the society voted to establish an online journal to which members and member-sponsored authors could post letters, essays and papers. The journal will accrue solicited and non-solicited entries throughout the year until the last day of December, when that year's journal will be fixed and available in its entirety to the public. Members are invited to prepare a 15 to 30 minute audio-video presentation or a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation saved as a Quicktime movie (.mov).

2018 Neurobiological Learning Society Meeting Presentations

1. Your talk/presentation here.

To Listen to the Presentation: To listen to this year's presentations requires NLS membership. In January of next year, all of this year's presentations will be published in their entirety free to the public. If you are a member of the society, you need only click on the presentation title and provide your member logon/password to listen to the presentation now.

To contribute a presentation to this year's ongoing meeting:
1. the topic must be relevant the overall mission of the society (i.e. foster, critique and/or advance "the theory, methodology, ideals, concepts and results of neurobiologically-grounded, transformative-style learning and instruction throughout the world");
2. the presentation should be qualitative (descriptive), theoretical, applied, argumentative, or quantitative (including statistical) in nature, and must be in English;
3. at least one author must be an active member of the society;
4. presentation (audio-video recordings of lecture, group discussion, or a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation) should be between 15 and 60 minutes, and uploaded and saved as a YouTube ready Quicktime movie (.mov);
5. a meeting presentation synopsis should be sent to the society email address bearing the subject "MEETING PRESENTATION." The body of the email should contain the following list of questions (copy and paste) AND their answers:
Presentation Title:
     (b) First presenter's actual, full, legal name:
     (c) First
presenter's complete mailing address:
     (d) First present's contact phone number:

     (e) First presenter's
email address:
     (f) First presenter's full mailing address:

     (g) A brief written description, synopsis or abstract of the presentation:
     (h) The full URL for the Quicktime presentation (.mov) posted on YouTube:
     (i) The following statement: "I submit this presentation for publication in the meeting section of the NLS website and on YouTube. By including this statement, I certify that (1) I agree with the terms and conditions as specified above; (2) that this presentation is my own original work; and (3) that I own clear, complete and total rights to the presentation and hereby assign NLS, it's affiliates and co-operating companies/corporations a no-cost, permanent license to publish this presentation in English worldwide in both audio-video and written format."

NOTE: If the presentation is larger than 24 megabytes in size and cannot be attached, please indicate such in the email and we will provide temporary no-cost access to a large file transfer service.

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